How To Go To College For Free

E-Book: “How To Go To College For FREE!”

Here you’ll find an incredible new resource for anyone looking for ways to make college more affordable…

As I travel the country and talk with students, one of the biggest challenges I hear regarding personal finance is the challenge of paying for college. We all realize the value of higher education, but none of us want to go bankrupt trying to get a degree.

Enter “How To Go To College For FREE!”

No, this isn’t some overly hyped, late-night infomercial. This e-book contains practical advice and tips to pay for college. The book is broken down into two segments…

  1. Get The Income Up (working, scholarships, etc.)
  2. Get The Expenses Down (live at home, community college, etc.)

When you work your butt off and approach paying for school from both of these angles, you’ll be able to attend college for FREE!

What You’ll Find In This 21-Page E-Book…

  • Why submitting the FAFSA early gets you more money (page 5)
  • How to earn $50 per hour through scholarships (page 7)
  • 3 websites you can use to get family and friends help pay for your education (page 11)
  • How to save $20k+ per year by starting at a community college (page 15)
  • The story of how one student earned 72 college credits through AP & CLEP tests…while still in high school! (page 16)
  • How one student earned an additional $10,000 in scholarships with a few simple phone calls (page 19)