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the only cars i can afford are junkers…help!

If you’ve heard me speak before, chances are you’ve probably heard about my first car: a 1986 Honda Accord.  I was so excited when I first got it, but it was a horrible car.  You may have heard about my problems with the leaking moon roof, a little extra jolt from the power locks, broken […]

how can i throw an inexpensive party or a birthday celebration?

As you get older, it’s harder to get mom and dad to foot the bill for a birthday celebration. But it’s difficult to throw one on your own without shelling out a ton of cash. But you can have a birthday celebration or a party and keep your finances in check. Here’s how: Find a […]

how can i get better control over my spending?

Getting control over your spending isn’t just a challenge for teenagers.  It’s a challenge for adults too. But why is it so difficult? Because for most of us, we like stuff.  We like material things like clothes, gadgets, and gizmos.  But we also like non-material things like eating out, going to the movies, and spending […]

how much spending is too much spending?

Spending is very relative or subjective to how much money you have.  This is why one person could spend $100, and it would be no big deal.  But someone else could spend $100 and be on the verge of bankruptcy. So the question of “how much is too much?” depends on you and your situation.  […]

how much cash will i need to save now for college spending money?

For everyone, it will be a different amount.  But before you stress about having some extra cash for spending, you need to first make sure you can pay for school. Graduating with massive student loan debt is not a good plan at all, so regardless of your age now, make sure that anything you’re saving […]

what is the envelope system and how does it work?

The envelope system is a process in which you pay for as much stuff as possible in cash. Here’s how it works. The first thing you do is determine the common expenses that you can pay for in cash. These are categories such as groceries, gas, entertainment, clothing, eating-out, etc. Once you have set up […]

nine practical ways to cut your spending…

In this month’s issue of Money Magazine, there is an article about practical ways to cut your spending.  We went through and pulled out some of the best ones that apply to students…   Don’t pay retail for college textbooks (see our recent post about saving money on textbooks) At college, go for a seven […]