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How can I make money working from home

The Internet contains some of the greatest avenues for generating a passive income from the confines of your own home. There are a multitude of opportunities to create a cash flow without really needing much other than a laptop and some patience. Many budding entrepreneurs are trying to make fortunes with online advertising, and if […]

what can i do to earn a promotion or get a raise at my job?

I guess the real question here is what can you do to stand out at your job?  What can you do that sets you apart from everyone else?  When you figure out what that is and you actually start doing it, you’re probably on your way to getting a promotion or a raise. Now having […]

how important is money when considering career opportunities?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a decent living and not having the pressure of living paycheck to paycheck.  Truth be told, most of us would rather make more money than less money, right?  I thought so. The danger though is it’s very easy to become consumed with finding a high-paying job that you […]

how do i make money if i’m only in middle school?

While your options are certainly limited while you’re in Middle School, that doesn’t mean you still can’t earn some money here and there.  For the most part, you probably won’t be able to get a traditional job at some “first-job” type place like a fast food restaurant.  Most require you be at least 15 years […]

what are the pros & cons of being self-employed?

Yesterday while speaking at the Kansas FFA State Convention, I had this question on self-employment come up in the personal finance workshop I was doing. I’m self-employed and own and operate my own business as a speaker and author.  While to most people it looks like an awesome gig (which it is most days!), it’s […]

how can i afford college if i don’t have time for a job?

Ah, the age-old problem—there’s never enough time in the day to attend classes, do homework, hang out with friends, do volunteer work and hold a steady job. So which of these should be axed from your schedule first? Well, if you had it your way, it would probably be the job, but not so fast—it’s […]

do you have any tips for students searching for a job?

We all want the same thing with a job.  Lots of flexibility, perks, high pay, work with friends, etc.  Of course, it doesn’t always work like that.  You can balance school and work but step 1 is to determine which one will dictate the schedule for the other.  Meaning, if your classes end up being […]

what are the best careers that don’t require a college degree?

Quick quiz:  what do Michael Dell (Founder, Chairman and Dell Computers), David Oreck (Founder, Oreck vacuum cleaners) Bill Gates (Chairman, Microsoft) and John Paul DeJoria (CEO John Paul Mitchell Systems) have in common? Answer: None of them completed a college degree.  That’s right.  Their careers show that while college can certainly help you, it isn’t […]

how can a teenager make above minimum wage in this economy?

First of all, you have to realize that jobs are scarce right now.  In the past, teenage summer jobs have been everywhere, but this year, it’s been a little more challenging.  So if you can get a summer job, consider yourself lucky. That being said, you can still make above minimum wage.  The challenge is […]

what are all the deductions for on my paycheck?

You remember how excited you were on the day you were going to receive your very first paycheck from your very first job?  You already figured all the math and you knew EXACTLY to the penny how much your check should be. However, once you actually got that check, it appeared the payroll department shorted […]