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tips for when you’re behind on your credit card payments

Last week we walked through the process of what happens if you have credit card debt and can’t pay (read Part 1 and Part 2).  Today, we’ll offer some additional tips on how to handle that situation… Pay For The Essentials – Have you ever noticed that when smart people are put in pressure-packed situations, […]

what happens if i have credit card debt and can’t pay? (part 2)

Yesterday, we talked about what happens during the first few months when you haven’t paid your credit card bills (Read Part 1 here).  Today, we’ll pick up with what happens after 6 months. 3. 7-12 Months Late – While every credit card company is different, at this point, your debt/account may be turned over to […]

am i ready for a credit card?

Having a credit card is a big responsibility, and truth be told, it’s not wise for everyone to have one.  Some people are more disciplined than others and would be committed to paying off a credit card balance each month to prevent receiving penalties and fees.  Others people…not so much. So, how do you know […]

what happens if i have credit card debt and can’t pay? (part 1)

Before we can really address how to get out of this mess, it’s important for you to take a step back and determine what caused all this in the first place.  You have to address the problem and learn from it, so it never happens again. If you get into a situation where you have […]

is there a way to have a credit card but only use it for really expensive things?

If you have a credit card, you can use it for just about anything you want to.  Once you get a credit card, they give you a credit limit which is the maximum amount of money you’re able to charge to that card, but a credit card company really doesn’t care what you spend it […]