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what are some inexpensive ways to furnish my dorm room?

During this time, a lot of you may be headed off to college and will be settling into the tiny confines of a dorm room.  If this is your first semester living in the dorms, you may notice it looks quite similar to a jail cell. Tiny.  Cramped.  Plain.  Blah.  (To be clear, I’ve never […]

how can i afford college if i don’t have time for a job?

Ah, the age-old problem—there’s never enough time in the day to attend classes, do homework, hang out with friends, do volunteer work and hold a steady job. So which of these should be axed from your schedule first? Well, if you had it your way, it would probably be the job, but not so fast—it’s […]

how can you pay for college without the help of financial aid?

Rob a bank. Win the lottery. Sell your younger brother on eBay. There are plenty of ways to get money to pay for college, although the ideas we just listed may not be the best. Paying for school without the help of financial aid is pretty difficult.  But financial aid isn’t just about loans, but […]

do you have any tips for students searching for a job?

We all want the same thing with a job.  Lots of flexibility, perks, high pay, work with friends, etc.  Of course, it doesn’t always work like that.  You can balance school and work but step 1 is to determine which one will dictate the schedule for the other.  Meaning, if your classes end up being […]

what are the best careers that don’t require a college degree?

Quick quiz:  what do Michael Dell (Founder, Chairman and Dell Computers), David Oreck (Founder, Oreck vacuum cleaners) Bill Gates (Chairman, Microsoft) and John Paul DeJoria (CEO John Paul Mitchell Systems) have in common? Answer: None of them completed a college degree.  That’s right.  Their careers show that while college can certainly help you, it isn’t […]

if i get a student loan, will my credit score be a factor?

Yes and no. It all depends on the type of loan that you get.  (To better familiarize yourself with student loans, check out this post titled “I Need All The Information I Can Get About Student Loans!”) The nutshell is that there are two types of loans: Federal Loans (backed by the US Government) and […]

is it hard to get a job if i don’t go to college?

Having a college degree will certainly not hurt your job search, but there are job options out there if you don’t have a college degree.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are plenty of statistics to support someone going to college: The Census Bureau estimates that someone with a two-year degree will earn on average $500,000 […]

how much cash will i need to save now for college spending money?

For everyone, it will be a different amount.  But before you stress about having some extra cash for spending, you need to first make sure you can pay for school. Graduating with massive student loan debt is not a good plan at all, so regardless of your age now, make sure that anything you’re saving […]

why does it cost so much to go to college?

You may have noticed that college is slightly expensive.  And each year it gets worse. According to The College Board, the average cost of tuition at a private college is up 5.9% and public college tuition is up 6.4%.  Even the cost of two-year community colleges is up 4.7%. But why?  If college is supposed […]