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How to Make Money on Snapchat

In case you have some experience with social media you have probably heard about Snapchat. This mobile application was introduced about 3 years ago. It was created by two college students and it soon became one of the fastest growing social media networks in history. According to some statistics there are more than 30 million […]

how will i pay my bills?

Before you know it, you will venture out to your mailbox, only to find bills from various companies all expecting you to send them money.  It’s not quite as exciting as when Grandma sends you $5 for your birthday!  When you’re out on your own, especially if you’re living in an apartment or a house, […]

how do i decide which bills to pay if i don’t have enough money?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, our bills add up to more than we have. Although it’s tempting to ignore the problem, that will only cause more difficulty.  Here are some tips on how to handle this short-term emergency. 1. Make a list of every payment owed, when it is due, how much is owed and […]

how can i get better control over my spending?

Getting control over your spending isn’t just a challenge for teenagers.  It’s a challenge for adults too. But why is it so difficult? Because for most of us, we like stuff.  We like material things like clothes, gadgets, and gizmos.  But we also like non-material things like eating out, going to the movies, and spending […]

is there a free online budget site i can use?

While there are plenty of online budgeting tools available, the biggest and probably the best would be is a free personal finance tool that helps you manage your checking and savings accounts, along with investments, credit card accounts and student loans. The one prerequisite is that you need to be signed up for […]

how does a teenager create a budget?

Ahh, the dreaded “B” word? Not that “B” word you filthy animal.  Get your head out of the gutter! Here’s the bottom line: a budget is a necessary evil if you are going to win with money. But for most of us, we think we can live without that budget. We assume we won’t stick […]

what is the envelope system and how does it work?

The envelope system is a process in which you pay for as much stuff as possible in cash. Here’s how it works. The first thing you do is determine the common expenses that you can pay for in cash. These are categories such as groceries, gas, entertainment, clothing, eating-out, etc. Once you have set up […]