How to Make Money on Snapchat

snapchat_1In case you have some experience with social media you have probably heard about Snapchat. This mobile application was introduced about 3 years ago. It was created by two college students and it soon became one of the fastest growing social media networks in history. According to some statistics there are more than 30 million Snapchat users who use this app on a daily basis. What makes Snapchat different from the rest of the platforms is its concept. Users can post picture and video messages on their profiles, but they are posted for a limited period of time. The messages are automatically removed after they expire. While many marketers view this feature of Snapchat to be restricting for their marketing strategy the fact is that clever marketers can use it to their own advantage.

Social media marketing is a great way to boost your traffic especially if you are focused on the younger generation. Experts claim that more than 75% of Snapchat users are less than 30 years old. You are probably aware that almost every modern company has a social media profile on Facebook or Twitter. However, even if you use these social media platforms for your business, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use Snapchat too. As previously mentioned, Snapchat allows unique chances for promotion and making money and the best part is that you don’t need to invest much time or money. A recent survey has confirmed that most Snapchat users will gladly open a video or picture message from a brand they love and about 50% will open such message from a brand that they don’t know. This fact alone speaks about the great potential of this app.

There are few other reasons why experienced and successful marketers like Snapchat. First of all, they can check the success of their marketing action almost immediately. The message will remain on the profile for a limited period of time and the effects can be analyzed at the same day. In addition, the limit can give you space to add a sense of importance to your message. For example, many business owners use this mobile app to offer limited promotional codes or discount codes. They simply create an easy code and user shave about 10 seconds to remember and act. You’ll be surprised to hear how many people love this type of discount codes. The best option is to create codes that last for no more than 24 hours. In this way, users will know that they have to act immediately.

Remember that Snapchat has a reputation of entertainment platform, so try to add humor in your posts. Of course, the message should not be too humorous because you’ll lose your prospective buyers. When you are creating a message use your creativity because Snapchat allows the use of different colors and you can even add captions too. Dont forget your snapchat usernames you may need it later.

There are many small and big businesses that have already monetized their presence on this interesting platform. Keep in mind that you’ve got nothing to lose, except some of your time.

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