How can I make money working from home

The Internet contains some of the greatest avenues for generating a passive income from the confines of your own home. There are a multitude of opportunities to create a cash flow without really needing much other than a laptop and some patience. Many budding entrepreneurs are trying to make fortunes with online advertising, and if your a student or stay at home parent looking for ways to generate a secondary income stream then this article may be for you.

Shortlinks (i.e. are quite commonplace and any Twitter user would be very familiar with these services such as Bitly. Twitter restricts the number of characters available in each message, which, in some cases, may not even be enough to fit the entire URL in let alone be able to write a message including one. These services work by taking your long form URL (i.e.…king-from-home/) and generating a short form URL i.e. which performs a redirect to the desired page when a user clicks on the short forum link.

Some shortlink services provide a similar service but with a slight twist, instead gcash of redirecting immediately to the desired long form URL, a landing page with advertising is displayed for a few seconds before forwarding you to the long form URL. is one of these services, the bestpart being that they also give you a share of the revenue generated from the advertising, in some cases as high as $5 per 1,000 hits. This might not sound like much, but if you get volume, you can start to make some serious bucks.

The trick is to generate shortlinks and put them on websites with high amounts of traffic so that they get clicked on the most number of times. Popular forums are a good way to go and easy to generate contextual links so that the links are clicked on by users. is a popular forum for teenagers and gets a high amount of traffic. If you pinch some pictures from Reddit and upload them to imgur and generate a shortlink for the pictures, you can post away on the forum and would no doubt get a lot of volume. Do a google search for ‘kik usernames’ or ‘snapchat usernames’ to find others.

This is just one of many ways this technique can be used to generate a few quick bucks, for more details on method check out this article on Cash with shortlinks.

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