what can i do to earn a promotion or get a raise at my job?

I guess the real question here is what can you do to stand out at your job?  What can you do that sets you apart from everyone else?  When you figure out what that is and you actually start doing it, you’re probably on your way to getting a promotion or a raise.

Now having said that, it’s important to note that what might earn you a raise, may not earn you a promotion.  You can be really, really good at your current job, but if they promoted you to become a trainer, manager, or other fancy title, you may suck at it.  That’s not to be mean but just to acknowledge that not everyone is cut out or qualified to get a promotion.  There’s nothing wrong with staying in your current role and doing it really, really well.

But here are some ideas that will help you to stand out from your peers and possibly lead to a promotion or a raise…

  • Do What Others Won’t – Think about this…what are things in your job that no one else (or very few people) will do?  Be early to work.  Dress professionally or according to what you’re supposed to wear.  Ask, “what else needs to get done?”  Go the extra mile for customers.  The list goes on and on.
  • Take Initiative – Every boss loves when employees do what needs to get done without being asked.  Figure out what those things are that your boss takes notice of, and focus on taking initiative in those areas.
  • Become The Best At Your Current Role – Who is the best employee at your company who does your job?  Learn from them.  Pick their brain and see if they’ll mentor you.  If there are 10 people who do your same job, a great way to stand out is simply being the best out of those 10.  How can you improve what you’re doing and become the best at it?

The bottom line is it’s really easy to show up and just do a “job”.  Any robot or drone could do that, but be the type of person who is willing to go the extra mile and stand out from the crowd.

YOUR 2 CENTS – What else can you do to stand out at your job?

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