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do you have any tips for students searching for a job?

We all want the same thing with a job.  Lots of flexibility, perks, high pay, work with friends, etc.  Of course, it doesn’t always work like that.  You can balance school and work but step 1 is to determine which one will dictate the schedule for the other.  Meaning, if your classes end up being […]

what are some of the best ways to prepare for living on my own and with payments?

Depending on your age and maturity, it’s not a bad idea to start taking over some of the financial responsibility for yourself now. Think of it this way…remember when you were learning to ride a bike?  Seems like just yesterday doesn’t it?  Oh, it was just yesterday for you?  My bad…awkward? Anyway, you probably had […]

what are the best careers that don’t require a college degree?

Quick quiz:  what do Michael Dell (Founder, Chairman and Dell Computers), David Oreck (Founder, Oreck vacuum cleaners) Bill Gates (Chairman, Microsoft) and John Paul DeJoria (CEO John Paul Mitchell Systems) have in common? Answer: None of them completed a college degree.  That’s right.  Their careers show that while college can certainly help you, it isn’t […]