Archive | April, 2010

is it hard to get a job if i don’t go to college?

Having a college degree will certainly not hurt your job search, but there are job options out there if you don’t have a college degree.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are plenty of statistics to support someone going to college: The Census Bureau estimates that someone with a two-year degree will earn on average $500,000 […]

where can i cut costs on my cell phone bill?

If your cell phone bill makes you gasp, consider these ways to decrease costs. Get the right plan.  Shop for the plan that fits your needs best.  If you don’t come close to your maximum minutes per month, do you really need a rollover package?  Can you downsize to a smaller, and cheaper, plan? Consider […]

how much spending is too much spending?

Spending is very relative or subjective to how much money you have.  This is why one person could spend $100, and it would be no big deal.  But someone else could spend $100 and be on the verge of bankruptcy. So the question of “how much is too much?” depends on you and your situation.  […]