How to Make Money on Snapchat

In case you have some experience with social media you have probably heard about Snapchat. This mobile application was introduced about 3 years ago. It was created by two college students and it soon became one of the fastest growing social media networks in history. According to some statistics there are more than 30 million […]

A Few Ways to Make Money on Snapchat

Snapchat is a really interesting mobile application that lets users to send brief or snap photos and videos to their friends. Installing and using this mobile app is very simple and it won’t take more than a few minutes before you start using it. It was initially released in 2011. Today, there are millions of […]

How can I make money working from home

The Internet contains some of the greatest avenues for generating a passive income from the confines of your own home. There are a multitude of opportunities to create a cash flow without really needing much other than a laptop and some patience. Many budding entrepreneurs are trying to make fortunes with online advertising, and if […]

tips for when you’re behind on your credit card payments

Last week we walked through the process of what happens if you have credit card debt and can’t pay (read Part 1 and Part 2).  Today, we’ll offer some additional tips on how to handle that situation… Pay For The Essentials – Have you ever noticed that when smart people are put in pressure-packed situations, […]

what can i do to earn a promotion or get a raise at my job?

I guess the real question here is what can you do to stand out at your job?  What can you do that sets you apart from everyone else?  When you figure out what that is and you actually start doing it, you’re probably on your way to getting a promotion or a raise. Now having […]

what happens if i have credit card debt and can’t pay? (part 2)

Yesterday, we talked about what happens during the first few months when you haven’t paid your credit card bills (Read Part 1 here).  Today, we’ll pick up with what happens after 6 months. 3. 7-12 Months Late – While every credit card company is different, at this point, your debt/account may be turned over to […]

how important is money when considering career opportunities?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make a decent living and not having the pressure of living paycheck to paycheck.  Truth be told, most of us would rather make more money than less money, right?  I thought so. The danger though is it’s very easy to become consumed with finding a high-paying job that you […]

how do i make money if i’m only in middle school?

While your options are certainly limited while you’re in Middle School, that doesn’t mean you still can’t earn some money here and there.  For the most part, you probably won’t be able to get a traditional job at some “first-job” type place like a fast food restaurant.  Most require you be at least 15 years […]

how will i pay my bills?

Before you know it, you will venture out to your mailbox, only to find bills from various companies all expecting you to send them money.  It’s not quite as exciting as when Grandma sends you $5 for your birthday!  When you’re out on your own, especially if you’re living in an apartment or a house, […]

am i ready for a credit card?

Having a credit card is a big responsibility, and truth be told, it’s not wise for everyone to have one.  Some people are more disciplined than others and would be committed to paying off a credit card balance each month to prevent receiving penalties and fees.  Others people…not so much. So, how do you know […]